FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions:

All version 2 sites have been migrated to version 3 and are now in the final migration stage.


Schedule of version 2 server shutdown:

  •    South Pacific Division - February 18, 2009 - Migration Complete
  •    North America - April 30, 2009


Migration FAQ:

Q1: Is there a document that can assist me with transitioning from version 2 to version 3?

A1: Yes - click here for the "v2 > v3 Transition Guide".


Q2: Are there other Videos or Guides to help me learn netAdventist v3?

A2: Yes - these are some great resources:


Q3: I did not receive an email with any notice that my v3 site is ready.  What do I do?


A3: Emails were sent to your v2 email address, however some email servers mark this email as SPAM.  So, please check your SPAM folder on your mail program and your mail server (ie: gmail, hotmail, yahoo, etc.).

Through the v2 server shutdown period, you may call netAserve for assistance in logging in at: (301) 584-3100, 8:30am - 5:00pm M-F (on Fridays we close 1 hour before sundown) Pacific Time.


Q4:  I can't find my new v3 website - what is the URL?

A4:  This page lists all the v2 migrated sites with their corresponding v3 URL.


Q5: I have a Custom Domain Name for my current v2 site.  Will this automatically move to my v3 site?

A5: Custom Domains are supported in v3, however you will need to update your registry with the new location for your site.  If you are a netAserve customer we can take care of this process for you.  If not, you can get instructions on updating these settings here.


Q6: I would like to create my own custom theme through the Design Center.  How do I do this?

A6: There are two resources available.  Click here to access those resources.